Implant Dentistry Related Procedures

Dental Implants replace missing or badly broken teeth that can long longer be restored. Dental implants are essentially metal anchors that substitute for the root(s) of your teeth, and they are secured to your jawbone via a routine procedure with minimal disturbances to most patients. After proper healing, a new crown is secured to the implant, which often is even more esthetic than the old, real tooth. Whether you are replacing one tooth or securing an entire denture, dental implants have revolutionized modern dentistry by providing a long-term, cost effective, predictable, and esthetic outcome for missing teeth. Dr. Temlock places hundreds of dental implants every year, and he is confident that nearly all patients can benefit from dental implants when treatment planned conservatively and correctly.


When a tooth is badly infected or broken, it is sometime necessary to remove (extract) the tooth or its remaining fragments. When this is attempted, it is very important that the utmost care is taken to preserve healthy surrounding bone and structures while protecting vital structures such as nearby nerves and arteries. Dr. Temlock utilizes modern technology and techniques to minimize complications with extractions to promote quicker healing and maximizing replacement options in the future.

Bone Grafts

When a tooth is extracted, the body undergoes a transformation that can decrease the bone volume available for future restorative procedures. Additionally, bone loss can occur due to localized trauma, infections, abscesses, and other conditions that can negatively impact a patients treatment options. When necessary, bone grafting is performed in conjunction with other procedures to either preserve existing bone or regenerate lost structures.

Sinus Lifts

Occasionally, patients seeking dental implants for the back teeth in the top jaw (maxillary premolars and molars) need an augmentation procedure either before or during the implant placement. Sinus lifts are performed to augment the current sinus anatomy to maximize stability and retention of the implants while minimizing long-term risks and complications in the area like chronic sinus infections. When necessary, Dr. Temlock will thoroughly discuss sinus lifting procedures and options with the patient who will be thoroughly educated about this relatively minor additional procedure.

Dental Implant Placement

During dental implant placement, a metallic “screw” or implant is secured to the jawbone through a relatively quick and painless procedure. This implant will eventually connect to a new tooth or house “buttons” to support a denture. Dr. Temlock places hundreds of dental implants per year, and he utilizes the newest, cutting-edge technology to aid in the planning and placement of dental implants to maximize results and decrease procedure time and healing time.

Orthodontic Appliance Placement

Sometimes, teeth do not develop normally and they not in the correct position. When this occurs, Dr Temlock is able to retrieve these teeth and help the orthodontist move these impacted teeth to their proper position. Additionally, sometimes orthodontists are unable to complete normal tooth movement without the aid of anchors or temporary implant devices. When required, Dr. Temlock works with orthodontists from around the country to aid in these difficult cases to decrease the patient’s time in braces while improving the final esthetic product.