Rupi Kaur, RDH

Periodontal Surgical Hygienist and Therapist

Registered Dental Hygienist

Rupi has an extensive educational and professional background.  She graduated from the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!), where she excelled in her dental hygiene program.  Rupi was honored as an exemplary student and became a mentor and teacher to other future hygienists and assistants after graduating.  She has over ten years of experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist

Rupi is originally from India, but she grew up on the Peninsula and continues to live there.  She takes great pride in her work, and Rupi truly enjoys seeing the results of her work when patients return for re-evaluations.  Forming close bonds with patients enables Rupi to provide seamless care while educating them about their condition and ways to improve their oral hygiene.

With special training in post-surgical maintenance, Rupi is able to provide immediate assistance and instructions to patients after surgery or other treatments at San Francisco Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.

When she’s not working tirelessly to improve her patient’s hygiene and treatment outcomes, she also strives to become a dentist in the future.  Personally, Rupi loves to travel (especially road trips) and biking.  She will do nearly anything to spend time with her family and friends, and she has a secret love for chocolates!

Sandra Sobhy, BS, RDH

Periodontal Surgical Hygienist and Therapist

Registered Dental Hygienist

Sandra grew up and professionally trained in the Boston area, where she participated in extensive internships at both Tufts University and Boston University.  With over ten years of experience in a clinical setting, Sandra also received additional periodontal-specific training and performed research in Kentucky and Ohio along the way.

Sandra’s passion for her patient’s extends far beyond simply being their hygienist.  She is an integral member of the surgical team, and Sandra also aids Dr. Temlock in his diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical preparations.

Sandra truly enjoys bringing personalized care to patients, and she respects the position of surgical caregiver.  She strives to empower patients through education, and her years of experience are easily identifiable from patient’s first interactions.

Lastly, Sandra maintains an extremely close relationship with her family, and she can be found before work (and at lunch!) at the gym preparing for competitions.  We don’t know how she has time or energy to do it all, but she never stops amazing her colleagues with positive energy and drive to help patients!

Racheal Alvarez, RDH

Periodontal Surgical Hygienist and Therapist

Registered Dental Hygienist

Racheal spearheaded the hygiene department at San Francisco Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, and she continues to be a cornerstone of our hygiene and surgical team.  She has over ten years experience as a dental hygienist across general and specialty dental offices, so she has seen it all!

Racheal’s diverse background combines Latino, Philipino, and Italian heritages.  She was born in Santa Clara and raised in Discovery Bay, and she currently lives in the East Bay.

Racheal takes great pride in her educational role within the office.  She enjoys the feeling of helping patients in their periodontal care, and she likes helping patients achieve their treatment goals with healthy smiles.

Personally, Racheal is an active person who enjoys the outdoors.  Outside the office, you can find Racheal spending time with friends hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, camping, or traveling.  She’s a force to be reckoned with inside and outside the office, and it’s always fun to listen to her talk about her past adventures and upcoming exploits.