Non-invasive & Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

Dr. Temlock routinely incorporates minimally invasive surgical techniques to maximize outcomes to reduce trauma to the surgical site. These methods are utilized to decrease post-operative discomfort by curtailing disturbances to the natural tissues while performing procedures. These techniques minimize incisions and stitches while maximizing patient comfort, healing, and surgical esthetic outcomes.

Flapless Implant Placement

Dr. Temlock can often place implants without making large incisions and exposing large areas of your jawbone. When this technique is utilized, stitches are usually not necessary and healing time is decreased.

Palate-less Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue transplants using your own (autogenous) tissue can be uncomfortable and can limit patient activities for days. Now, most patients can obtain similar results without having to harvest their own tissue or touch the roof of the mouth (the palate), which eliminates the most difficult part of the healing process altogether! Dr. Temlock regularly performs palate-less soft tissue grafting and offers this service to almost all patients requiring soft tissue grafting procedures.

Stem Cell Treatment

New advances in technology have yielded more options for patients seeking to regenerate their soft and hard tissues in the mouth. Now, enamel matrix derivatives and other growth factors are available to patients to aid in this regenerative process. These treatments, when utilized appropriately, can vastly affect the surgical outcomes while decreasing the healing time for patients.